Sony seems to have some kind of problem with screws.

Last year I noticed that several of the tiny screws in my Sony Clie handheld device had come loose. I tightened them, but several months later some were completely missing, and despite readjusting those that remained, within a short time every single screw that held the shell together was gone. I have had an elastic band around the handheld so long that the first one dried up and turned to dust and had to be replaced by another elastic band.

This evening while cleaning the lens on my Sony Cybershot F828, I noticed two strange holes in the side of the lens assembly. It turns out that four, yes FOUR of the tiny screws are missing from my camera. I checked and three others were loose.

Is Sony out to get me? I am thoroughly confused as to how two products from the same company can come unscrewed so easily (the screws are exactly the same type and size incidentally), when I have never in my life had to tighten a single screw on any other digital device. In fact, I think the only thing I’ve ever had to tighten was my grip on reality…

I guess I’ll have to go to a store here and find out if I can buy some tiny screws cheap or if I need to do the whole warranty thing with Sony to get my hands on them.


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  1. Well, for starters, you need to buy some Locktite (not my spelling). Make sure you get the right kind; the people at the hardware store can help you, camera stores sell it too. Screws are generally in well-defined sizes, but if you don’t know the lengths you might have problems (too long, it pokes into things inside, a Very Bad Thing for electronics, too short and it doesn’t hold things together).


  2. happy belated birthday!
    i love your pics!
    and i finally got some time to read your journal.
    yay me!
    i’ve been pretty busy.
    it has been sunny for a while in vancouver. it rained a lil today. how’s everything going?!


  3. hey chris! that kinda sucks, but at least there are sonys in new zealand (there are… right? hmm…) well, I just realised smth; you’re webpage title says “…stupid young man” but you’re not stupid, you’re not that young, and if you think you’re young, you’re not a man..right? well not true. but the first part is: you’re not stupid…not by regular standards anywas (maybe you’re being humble? meh.)

    anyways, hope you’re enjoying yourself! I tried to enter that contest, but the stupid newspaper place closed 10 mins before I got there :( oh well… better luck next time

    I’m not going to kits, I don’t want to anymore, and while dad said I could go, mom said I couldn’t anyways.

    I bought this REALLY beautiful bouquet of flowers for mom for mothers day–I’ll take a pic and send it to you…they’re really pretty, and the person at the counter said they’d last a looong time in water. :)

    I partially dislocated my arm again this morning…but I went to a chiropracter last saturday (a week ago) and she gave me excersizes and while they temporarily make my arm a lot weaker, they’ll hopefully make it better in time!

    I gotta go email jos, I promised her a long time ago that I’d email her so..yes

    love you lots! have fun!

  4. You have been visited by the Screw Gnomes.
    You can usually contact the company and get replacement parts. If you send a letter/call and make it sound like you are very disappointed or that you feel that it is a safety hazard, they often will send you replacements or other stuff for free.

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