Going Tramping

In 4 hours, Tom, Andrew, Eric, and I will be leaving for Te Anau, wayyyy over on the west coast of the South Island. From Te Anau, we will tramp (Kiwi word for hiking) for 3 days on the Kepler Track along gorgeous mountain tops with clouds at our feet.

Should be fun. Now it’s time to pack and get a couple hours sleep before the long drive to Te Anau.

While I’m gone, keep yourself entertained by looking at a few random Dunedin photos I’ve taken over the past few months… well only 4 pics.

My flat’s lounge (a flat is an apartment, duplex, or small house). We recently got a new deck installed, slightly bigger than the old one, but you can’t see it out the windows.

St. Clair beach, about a 15 minute drive from my flat, back in February when it was still quite hot outside.

The Clocktower Building at the University of Otago – my university here. This was the clocktower I used in one of my yearbook cover designs.

My ghost, near the edge of the River Leith, which is more of a stream or a creek than a river, and runs through the middle of campus. You are far more likely to find a couch in the Leith than any fish. Tomorrow at noon, there will be the annual bike race in the Leith, where people run along the river (it’s ankle deep) carrying bikes while people throw stuff at them from the riverbanks about 15 feet above them. Wish I could be there. Yes I realise I should have taken this ghost photo without a streetlight right in the middle of the photo… but I still like it.


  1. lisa May 26, 2005 at 10:32 #

    ” through stuff ” eh? isn’t it “threw/throw stuff” ?? hm…

    how’s life? it’s aiight for me… I suppose. You know how mom and dad were supposed to away on bus. in a week or two? dad’s decided I’m not safe enough alone with dan/matt so I have to stay at grans for an enTIRE week :( oh well… good food at least haha

    I hope you’re enjoying yourself! I miss you tons,
    wubu, lis

  2. PhotoDiarist May 28, 2005 at 00:43 #

    Thanks for the spellcheck Lisa :-)

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