One down, two to go

Yesterday morning I had my first of three final exams – Politics 304: International Peacekeeping.

It was a fascinating course and I really enjoyed it. I spent the week preceding the exam in the library most days, from opening at 8am (9am on Saturday, 10am on Sunday) for a minimum of 5 hours and a maximum in one case of 11 hours 40 minutes.

Despite all this studying, I didn’t feel fully ready for the exam. However, after three forearm-numbing hours of essay writing yesterday morning, I came out of that exam quite satisfied with my effort. My arm was still sore last night, but today it’s better.

To celebrate my first exam completion, I cooked a steak. Pre-marinated by some company (Teriyaki flavour), I had to defrost it in the microwave (yeah I know freezing quality steak is a no-no, but I’m a student – I buy meat on sale and freeze it), then pan-fried it. I added a few spices and such, and of course used a bit of beer for that special taste.

I decided I had to take photos of my gourmet meal. It may not be the combination you’d find at an upscale restaurant, but it sure hit the spot:


Toasted bagel with sliced dill pickles, tomatoes, onions and lots of sour cream:

Raspberry and Cream yoghurt:

Tasman Bitter beer:

It was delicious.

And after eating, I found we had yet another avian visitor. Prash says there was a bird in the house earlier in the day, and now we had a smaller one again, trying to fly out a window that doesn’t open, right beside the open door it must have come through!

I opened the door a bit wider once the bird gave up on the window, and he finally realised it and flew out, poor confused (and probably concussed) thing.

0 thoughts on “One down, two to go

  1. classic! the sour cream, dill pickles, tomato and onion bagels look the best and win for creativity, with the steak a close second. good luck on the rest of the exams. cheerios.

  2. good luck! I love you tons! only…a month and a half til I see you! *YAY!*…that’ll mean the world twice over to me :)

    you rock!…no really…hey!! maybe we’ll sing at the chan centre together! that’d be so cool..

    missing you always,
    loving you more,

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