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I haven’t been able to study for the last few days, no ability to focus. However, I am able to do mindless work such as resizing photos and adding captions, so I’ve prepared a few new photo galleries for this site.

You can see the new galleries to the left of this post. Just click any thumbnail and it’ll open that gallery. The new galleries are:

Old photos from crappy camera 3 years ago:

Photos from 2005 with the good camera:
Dunedin 1
Dunedin 2
The Catlins

Enjoy! And if you like/hate them, please leave a comment to this post to let me know :-)

0 thoughts on “New Photo Galleries

  1. g’day mate! this place is so GREEN it’s like living in a postcard, gets a bit unnerving at times. granted it’s only green cuz it rains so much.

    oh hey, just wondering how your pics work – my pic archive is a bit fuct and always buggered with some problem or another. could i possssibly get script for it or utilise it in some way? (please!) -of course, credit would be given where credit’s due. ha.
    take care, study hard and think of me frolicking in the fields whilst you enjoy ubc…

  2. Even with a “shitty” camera you sure can take damn nice photos.

    See you in council soon


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