I Got A Hair Cut

I got a haircut two days ago, after 3 months. It cost me $6.41 after tax, but isn’t quite as good as when I get it cut by Donna, the person who usually cuts it. She’s out of town though, and I really needed a haircut.

So now, I look like this:

Now it’s time to head to the library to get my study on. It’s super bright and sunny, I’m sitting in my bedroom with my south-facing (i.e. sun-facing) balcony door open and the sunshine streaming into my room and birds singing outside. It’s awesome. And I’m going to go sit in the basement of the library, two floors below ground, and study until it’s dark outside. While I really do enjoy almost all exams, the preparation is not always as much fun for me.

0 thoughts on “I Got A Hair Cut

  1. hey chris, hope ure doing good :) saw your nick on msn lately… what happened? not feeling too well?

    anyway, ive been working. and god has it been boring. i never figured i’d end up stuck in an office for 10 hours a day cold and endlessly watching a monitor.

    but i’ve been coping i guess. haha i dont know why but these few months feel like the right time to question my existance.

    shrugs. drop by soon yeah?

    miss ya.

  2. aww man… that sucks. well if u wanna talk about it i’m always online :) i always feel better talking about it to people who barely know me. not quite sure why.

    work’s been alright. i get paid peanuts though.

    2007!? thats a long way to go… you planned that far ahead? haha…

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