On Driving. Again.

Last time I posted about driving (here) it was in a figurative manner. This time, it’s actually about driving.

You see, a combination of laziness and mostly bad timing (going overseas twice in the last 4 years) resulted in me never getting past my Learner’s Licence (L). Here in BC, you get your L at 16+ by taking a quick, easy-as-pie multiple choice test. Then, after a year, you can take your road test to move up to the Novice Licence (N). Two years after that, you can take another road test to move up to your Class 5 permanent driver’s licence.

I got my L at 19. It expired when I was 21. I got an L again at nearly 22 years old. I don’t have to wait a year to take my road test since I already had an L for so long before. But my parents are too busy to teach me to drive properly, and most of my driving was with friends when I was 18 so I decided to take Young Drivers.

What’s more is I chose to learn Standard (aka Manual or Stick Shift) since it costs the same amount, AND I persuaded my sister to do the same since she’s in my situation but 2 years younger.

So I’ve been practising in my dad’s automatic a bit, but yesterday was my first YD lesson in the standard shift Honda Civic hatchback. It was 1.5 hrs and in that time I learned how to use the clutch when changing gears, starting the car, starting on a hill, and highway driving in 5th gear. Standard is fun, but Civic hatchbacks are too small for me – the seat was as far back as it could go and still my knees were knocking the wheel, which is not adjustable. This resulted in slight cramps in my legs by the end of the lesson, but I had fun and my instructor is great.

A month and a half from now I’ll no longer be embarrassed every time I go to a bar and show my Learners Licence with the big red stripe.

Photos of stuff will come soon…ish.

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  1. awww. i didn’t know you got embarrassed at bars by the learner’s red stripe. you just went away a lot and it expired. hey, you have to give me travel advice now! take care! :)

  2. Chris-
    I’ve been driving manual transmission Civic Hatchbacks for the past 6 years. They rock!

  3. There was an article in Saturday’s Globe & Mail about people who start driving “later” in life — some considerably later!

  4. Oh my. I just did a tour of blogspots I used to frequent. blogspot. xanga. I almost forgot xanga exists. I feel like an outsider in the blog world! Where did my ‘friends’ go? Offline?

  5. Chris… learning a stick shift is pretty intense… i know the basics and man that took forever for me to learn to not ride the clutch… good luck and congrats

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