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It’s been a long time since I’ve put anything up here, owing primarily to my busy schedule but partly due to lack of interesting goings-on in my life. This past long weekend, however, I got to go up to Whistler with the Arts Undergraduate Society for a retreat. Essentially, we went up there to party and get to know each other. After all, we’ll be working together for the next 6 months!

We had a great time, stayed at the UBC AMS Whistler Lodge and had all our meals and transportation covered by the AUS. The food was plentiful and delicious and we even had a scavenger hunt in Whistler Village.

I definitely got to know my fellow AUS councilors a lot better over the weekend and had heaps of fun in the process. We definitely all owe a huge thanks to everyone who helped organize and run the retreat. In particular, AUS President Stephanie Ryan and AUS VP External Avneet Johal for really putting a tonne of effort into the whole thing. Thanks guys!



We got back to Vancouver on Sunday afternoon, and I headed out to Bowen Island a few hours later to meet up with my family. I spent the night with my window open about 20 metres away from the waves crashing on the shore below, then spent today rowing a couple times and eating massive amounts of turkey and veggies at lunch and supper before coming back to Vancouver on the 8pm ferry.

And now it’s time for bed.

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  1. That Stephanie looks oddly familiar…not sure why. hmm.

    So yes, I’m back in Vancouver. Actually, I’ve already headed out again and am in Campbell River for a few days visiting my sister & her family. Why did I rock up at my parents’? … I figured that was where I lived here last, might as well just head there first and, you know, get in touch with everyone after that. I didn’t give any notice cuz it’s just more funner!

    As for a party, not sure if/when. Will let you know if I get any further details…

  2. Stupid email not working, posting my reply here instead ~

    Good question. I really don’t have any plans past … Thursday (Planning for the future? What’s that?). I’m thinking of moving to Calgary next but even at that, I’ll probably not settle down and be there forever. Hoping to head to NZ or Aus in the nearish future. Possibly after Calgary.

    So now you are about as up-to-date as I am…will see how I make my cookie crumble. Hopefully see ya soon, anyway.

  3. hey thanks for the message man! just getting some minimal internet access here now so i can write a bit again. don’t know when i’ll be able to again though. life here is good. i mean good food good weather & mostly good people! although i miss everyone back home of course! i’m still getting settled here. don’t know how much longer that will take. but at least i have a roof over my head now! take care and talk to you again soon!

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