Violence in the world is DOWN

Still busy as anything, so I’m delaying on posting some more…

But, some very interesting reading to brighten your day: “Notwithstanding the escalating violence in Iraq and the widening war in Darfur, the Human Security Brief 2006 (, a new report from the Human Security Centre at the University of British Columbia, reveals that, from the beginning of 2002 to the end of 2005, the number of wars being fought around the world dropped significantly. By far the greatest decline was in sub–Saharan Africa.”

That quote is from the press release announcing the publication of the Human Security Brief 2006. I work at the Human Security Centre, so I decided to read what they’re publishing. I think you should too, or at least skim through and look at the fancy graphs and charts.

Also, a hint for anyone writing essays on any conflict-related issue: skim the Human Security Brief 2006, the Human Security Report 2005, or do a search on the easy-to-use Human Security Gateway (that’s my job, adding French resources to the Gateway). Every time I write an essay, the first thing I do is do a quick search for documents and news at the Human Security Gateway website – much better than Google for violence-related info!

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