Brief Update

The internet in Cameroon is not quite what it is elsewhere. Surprisingly, the internet in Lao PDR and in Cambodia was never terribly disappointing, but here in Cameroon it is ridiculous. With that said, this blog update page finally loaded after 32 minutes so now I will provide a point-form summary of what has happened since my last post of May 22.

– Graduated from UBC with BA (Int’l Relations and Political Science) on May 24
– Huge going-away party on May 25 with over $100 in donations from my friends to the charity at which I am now volunteering
– Flight to London May 27
– Visited Scary and Martin in Paris for 3 days
– Visited Osman and his parents in Poole, in the south of England for 3 days
– Flew to Douala, Cameroon via Brussels June 4 and driven to Buea where I now live
– Nursery school (~ages 5-6) graduation at the school run by UAC (the NGO/charity I’m with)
– Visit to Bokova to discuss with several disabled people about their disability projects and supporting their group called Eyole
– Trip to Kumba to buy cane material for a local blind man named Dan to make baskets
– Visit from a representative of MIVA Netherlands, a group who have been very supportive of UAC including donation of vehicles

That’s about it so far… the net is definitely not good enough to upload photos so those will be uploaded in September and onwards I hope. I have already taken nearly 1000 photos in only 5 days!

5 thoughts on “Brief Update

  1. Yay! An update! :) And in such a short while, it sounds like you’ve done a lot. I also love that you’ve taken 1000 pictures in 5 days. Nicely done!

  2. christ, i miss you already.

    ps. wish me luck – i am going back to the prefecture tomorrow!

  3. aww nursery school graduation! so cute!

    in re: to the camera, i thought you were going overboard with your estimate of how much photo storage you needed, but apparently not! too bad we have to wait to see them though…

    as well, i just remembered i have a gmail account with a strange password of random letters/numbers

  4. Damn, Chris, 200 photos a day? Sounds like you’re putting the new gear to to test… are you shooting RAW?

    Hope all is well,


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