The morning after our visit to Etoko and the associated Porcupine Incident (our meal, which was followed by Brendon’s violent food poisoning and sick stomachs for others), I began to feel a bit ill. I took a few pills to settle my stomach and climbed into the UAC bus for the long trip back down south to Buea. 8 hrs later we arrived back home in Buea and I went straight to bed with a bit of a fever, and I soonafter decided that I had malaria so we called the doctor, who came and gave me fever pills and a shot for my stomach so that I could eat.

The next day he came back with the results from the malaria blood test showing a positive result for Plasmodium falciparum. He hooked me up to an IV and put tonnes of different meds in it, such as quinine and more antibiotics. I spent a few hours bored in bed, but feeling quite well, and after that I was fine.

These are all the meds I got for any possible parasites, amoebas, gastrointestinal stuff, etc.

I took it easy for a few days, and so I got out my camera and took a few random shots of stuff around the house, such as:

My fan:

A camera lens:

Insect repellant:

Our house’s blackboard, complete with remnants of our Pidgin Language classes:

The view out our front window, of volunteer clothing hanging to dry:

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