Hilarious Swedes

From: www.dn.se

“Efter en helkväll ute i Helsingör hade en 78-årig berusad svensk inte råd att ta färjan tillbaka till Helsingborg. I stället stal han en jolle och försökte ro tillbaka till Sverige, men somnade på halva vägen, rapporterar nyhetsbyrån Reuters.”

Here’s my translation, which hopefully is correct, since my Swedish is not so good and I had to look up a few words:

“After a whole night out in Helsingør (Denmark), a drunk 78 year old Swedish man did not have the money to take the ferry back to Helsingborg (Sweden). Instead, he stole a dinghy and tried to row back to Sweden, but fell asleep halfway, reports Reuters news bureau.”

I really will post some updates soon… really.

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