Waterfalls and Bamboo

On Sunday the 30th, Hong Sar, James, and I each rented a motorcycle for CAD$5 and we headed out of Mae Sot to do a little sightseeing. Ann-Elisabeth came too, riding on the back of Hong Sar’s bike. We had three intended sights to see: two sets of waterfalls, and the gibbon sanctuary.

The first set of waterfalls was quite small and right beside a main road, but neat to walk through anyways.

This guy thought it was funny to see some farang in the neighbourhood. I always find these contraptions pulled by tractor engines quite intriguing so I stared back.

On our way to the second set of waterfalls, we passed this large sitting Buddha.

Nearby was a good view of the valley below:

The second set of waterfalls, at Pacharoen, was much bigger. We walked up the steep path along the left side, and continued long after the steps and railings had ceased to guide us. There was a relatively clear path winding through the forest so we followed it quite a way, through spiderwebs and clouds of bugs.

This tree reminds me a bit of Angkor Wat, where the trees have cracked the stones apart with their roots.

This clump of bamboo may not look impressive in a photo, but each of those bamboo shoots is nearly a foot in diameter! I’ve always been amazed by the giant bamboo you find in this part of Thailand.

As James and I walked deeper into the forest, the path was more and more overgrown. In one spot, there were some leaves jutting out into the path and I disturbed them a bit as I was walking through. Immediately a dozen or more green dragonflies took to the air like sprites. I stopped dead in my tracks and managed to get a few photos as they weren’t particularly scared of us. There were also a whole bunch of these spiders (some may call them daddy long legs, but I’m not certain these ones fall into that category) to keep us company.

This fungus thingy must have some sugar or something in it, as the ants really fancy it.

Eventually we turned around, got back on our bikes, asked a cop for directions, and made our way to the gibbon sanctuary. Which is what you’ll get to see in the next post.

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