Creatures of Thailand

*Warning* The last 4 photos in this post are spiders, in case you don’t like looking at photos of spiders. The first 21 photos are not spiders.

Although the first photo is of dead creatures, the rest were alive at the time I shot the photos.

Fried cockroaches (for eating)

Cat on router:

Cows on lawn:

Three photos of a jewel beetle that used to visit us at the guesthouse:


Strangest caterpillar I have ever seen:


Live dragonfly:

Dead dragonfly with gecko:


Frog on bookshelf:

Toad on floor:

Fly with moustache-face butt:

Kukri Snake:

A butterfly that landed on my shirt, then on a post:

Puppy at a migrant school:

Kitten at the same migrant school:

Water buffalo:


The next / final four photos are spiders I’ve met at home and in the office:

0 thoughts on “Creatures of Thailand

  1. Did you try some of the cockroaches? If so, how was it?

    The puppy from the migrant school is sooooo cute!

    Lol @ fly with moustache-face butt!

  2. Jesus.. Those spiders look practically demonic. I’m NEVER going to Thailand!

    Cracking photos though. I’m sure it’s been suggested before, but you could sell some of these (particularly the ones of orphans/refugee camps, etc). Not enormous money, but it would help.

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