There are quite a few frogs in the Nabang/Laiza area. We were lucky enough to be graced with their presence in the compound on many occasions, and I managed to catch a few photos. First, we have Ping Pong Frog who kindly obliged and left when we wanted to start playing a match of night ping pong on ‘his’ table:

Next, we have Garbage Frog, who decided that the trash bin is the place to be on a warm rainy season evening, quite the model:

He’s smiling in this one:

Then, of course, we have Drainpipe Frog…

…and window frog:

Of course, not all frogs are created equal. Some aren’t even frogs at all, like Fat Toad who was trying to run into a wall for some reason:

And our friendly neighbourhood Spider Frog, who walked along the wall like a bug but with no bugs in site for dinner:

I also found a small frog in my room one evening (my door was always wide open to all wild creatures at night as it was the only room with a broken air conditioning unit). At first I thought he was dead, but luckily he was just sleeping or something.

He didn’t seem inclined to leave, so I took a cardboard box to encourage him outside gently, and once he got the hint boy did he jump!

There were other frogs, including one we coaxed into a friend’s bedroom at night, but I’ve got no photos of those ones.

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  1. fat toad is disgusting!

    and like the last time you posted a frog/toad pic: did you lick any???

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