Weekend Trip 1: Edinburgh, Scotland

In early February, I was really tired from a lot of overtime hours spent working on the head office logistics side of Merlin’s response to the Haiti earthquake. So I decided to take a trip to Edinburgh to visit my friend Vania, who’s studying for her PhD there. The train trip was easy enough, but arrived more than two hours late, after midnight on Friday, February 5th. I had visited Edinburgh with over a hundred fellow students in my first year of university, back in 2002, but those memories are a bit fuzzy now.

On Saturday, Vania and I walked around town, saw a bit of the university, ate delicious food at a pseudo-Swedish restaurant/café, and played guitar hero at my friend Woody’s apartment. It wasn’t amazing weather so I didn’t really take any photos that day.

On Sunday, we went out walking again. This time we really walked a lot. I can’t remember all the places we went, but these are some of the things we saw:



Vania had no idea why I was asking her to stick her tongue out:


A view of Edinburgh:


King Arthur’s Seat:


The lamppost in this photo was rather unfortunately located…


We also walked up to Edinburgh Castle but didn’t pay to go in, since we’d both been in before:



Sunday evening I caught a train back down to London. All in all Edinburgh was a very nice city, and it was really nice to take a weekend off outside of London.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Trip 1: Edinburgh, Scotland

  1. Oh Smurfy-Smurf,

    How could the memories of that October week in 2002 be fuzzy? I remember it like it was yesterday. We went to pubs where you forced me to drink VodBulls, and then I lent you £35 to buy a crossbow. Yes, a crossbow.

    And don’t worry, you did pay me back (-;


  2. That crossbow is hanging from the ceiling of my room in my parents’ home in Vancouver, pointing down toward the doorway. 70lbs of force needed to load it!

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