About Me

My name is Chris Anderson and I’m a humanitarian logistician. I started PhotoDiarist.com in 2004 as an online photo diary partly to share my travel experiences with family and friends, but mostly so that I could look back later on and more easily remember the good times and good people that have shaped, and continue to shape, my life. Before 2004 I had already travelled in 19 countries and taken loads of photos, but I’d barely written anything down to remember, so I decided to change that.

As for who I am, I’m a results-oriented, quick-learning student of life with diverse work and volunteer experience. I’m interested in challenging work in humanitarian logistics, especially in emergencies. I’m always ready for new adventures, always willing to relocate. For me, home is where I hang my hat, and for the moment I like it that way.

You can learn more about my qualifications by checking out my other site at ChristopherAnderson.ca