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Uppsala views

Here are a few shots of the areas I frequent here in Uppsala and environs:

In bearable weather we cycle along the river, and there are a couple of stretches of tree-covered path:

There’s also this field where we see deer sometimes (I saw two there today on my ride home)

There’s a tower for bird-watching at one point, and it has a railing so that people don’t fall into the river:

On the other side of the river is a typical Swedish country home – you see this type of house in this exact colour all over the place in Sweden!

Still by the river, but closer to home, there’s a little wharf with a picnic table. Wharf needs post to hold it up:

Uppsala Castle – well, one of the towers at least. It’s built on the high point of Uppsala city centre area, but I haven’t bothered trying to get inside yet:

On another day, stopped to take another photo of that same house, and a rainbow appeared!

That day, Lena and Wiebke were also riding home with me so we all took photos. Lena:


Bulrushes growing by the river close to my house:

Try to figure this one out:

That same post, photographed two weeks after the one above. Yep, that’s snow, AFTER most of it melted:

For those last three pics, Sulagna accompanied me on my walk down to the river and for some distance along it, so we took a photo of her in the snow – her first time in snow! I taught her pretty much everything I know about snow, so she’s well-versed now. She also participated in our lengthy snowball fight a few days later.

Back to Switzerland Part II

Warning: The pics in this post aren’t necessarily in date order, they’re sort of randomized.

The closing ceremonies of the Model UN Conference at the Palais de Nations were a joke, really late starting and about as boring and self-adulating as an awards ceremony could be. But we made our own fun in the seats.

Lysandra shows her Japanese half.

Juan definitely had his pants open in the middle of the General Assembly Hall, but I guess security didn’t notice.

We had 2 days after the conference before heading home, so we headed east on a train to Bern, the capital, in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Bern is very different from Geneva, but not much has changed since I first visited in April 2003.

Fancy clockwork

Bern gets its name from the bear, and there has been a bear pit in Bern for ages, though there are currently plans to move them to a better location.

The crest of the Canton of Bern is visible all over the place. In Switzerland, unlike Canada, the symbols and flags of the various cantons are seen all over the place.

This bunny statue thing was a bit taller than me, and is the main display in the centre of the chocolates and Easter egg section of a grocery store. I have no clue how this would entice people to buy more chocolate.

This is European architecture at its best

The view to which I awoke in the hostel in Bern

We had a visit to the International Labor Organisation in Geneva, where we watched the ending of the 298th session. This is the long, old-school hallway leading in. The building used to house the World Trade Organisation headquarters.

The Broken Chair, a commemoration of victims of landmines. From this angle, the broken leg isn’t really visible, and if you look for a bit you may notice the 3D optical illusion thus created.

Earpieces are a must for true diplomats, though many of them malfunction and the volume is always a hassle.

All week we had great sunny, warm weather and then a wee bit of rain, but when we left the closing ceremonies there was a raging blizzard outside! I’ve never seen such huge snowflakes in my life! Too bad they’re hard to photograph, but Juan proves that cold precipitation did indeed fall on us that afternoon.