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Cranderson Enterprises IncrLEDible Power Vest

From the guy who brought you the accELeration speedcrutches – the fastest* crutches in the world – comes a revolutionary new product: the Cranderson Enterprises IncrLEDible Power Vest. What, you might ask, is a power vest? Put simply, it’s a vest that gives you the power to dance faster, harder, and better than you could without it.

Let’s have a cursory look at some (but not all) of the steps that go into making each IncrLEDible Power Vest.

First, two programmable LED strips need to be wired up to connect to a breakout board. First solder the wires:

Soldering data and power wires to the LED strip

Then hot glue to strengthen the physical connection and insulate the wires:

Hot glue to strengthen connection and insulate wires

Then electrical tape for further strength and weather-proofing:

Electrical tape to protect the LED strip

Next, the brain of each LED strip needs a bit of soldering so it can be connected to the strip:

Soldering a header to the Atmega32u4 breakout board

Me and my soldering station:

My soldering station

Once the LED strips are both ready and tested, they need to be attached to the vest. First, the placement of the strip should be marked out with chalk or masking tape. These two photos show one side marked, and the other already attached:

IncrLEDible Power Vest in progress - back
IncrLEDible Power Vest in progress - front

Slits are then cut in the vest’s outer layer to create pass-through loops:

IncrLEDible Power Vest closeup

View from the inside of the vest:

IncrLEDible Power Vest closeup

On the prototype, I reinforced the area around each loop with duct tape, but for long term durability, thread should be used (like around a button hole).

Duct tape to protect the inside of the vest
Duct tape to protect the inside of the vest

And here’s the final product showing a sample 50 second light sequence. Each of the 32 LEDs in each strip (64 per vest) are individually programmable to turn on or off in any order, for any length of time, at any mathematically-definable interval, in any of a whopping 2 million colours:

Cranderson Enterprises IncrLEDible Power Vest from Chris Anderson on Vimeo.

From the creator of the Cranderson Enterprises accELeration speedcrutches, comes the IncrLEDible Power Vest. This no-nonsense power vest will help you dance harder and faster, while dazing and confusing your competitors on the dancefloor with its 64 super duper bright and flashy LEDs, each capable of displaying 2 million colours and fully programmable to do whatever you want it to do!

If you would like your very own IncrLEDible Power Vest, please contact me for pricing and lead time information.

*This claim has not been verified by any independent sources

Chris Anderson, Peanut Catcher Extraordinaire

I can’t play any instruments. I can’t juggle. I’m not a particularly good dancer, though I sometimes ignore that fact when out with friends. I can’t do back flips.

Everyone, however, has at least one talent, even if that talent may not be useful or interesting. My talent is catching food in my mouth. Toss a grape my way from across the room, launch a fuzzy peach candy while I’m watching a hockey game on TV, fire jellybeans at my head when I’m sitting at the breakfast table. I’ll happily attempt to catch all of them, and more often than not, I’ll succeed.

Somehow, while working in the Democratic Republic of Congo with MSF, my colleagues found out about this talent and decided to put me to the test. After taking five small sips of watery Ugandan lager to counter the expected salt build-up in my mouth and throat, I caught 48 out of 52 peanuts thrown my way by three peanut-throwers over the course of 57 seconds. Dr Alan Gonzalez filmed it, so that we could share it online. Enjoy:

Chris Anderson, Peanut Catcher Extraordinaire from Chris Anderson on Vimeo.

Years of training at the Vancouver Aquarium taught Chris Anderson to mimic the Harbour Seal. This footage, filmed in Faradje, Democratic Republic of Congo, demonstrates the result of that training.

Filmed by Alan Gonzalez
Peanuts thrown by Rachel Marsden, Emilie Castaignet, and Alan Gonzalez

My first (and probably last) cute kitten video

These days, everyone seems to have a cute kitten or sneezing panda video on the internets. Surprised Kitty is one of the most famous. This kitty may not be quite as cute, but she is relatively amusing to watch:

UBC LipDub feat. the Banana Dance

While taking some time to relax in Vancouver with family and friends, I went out to my alma mater and participated in a little video project which has been somewhat popular on the interwebs since it first went online three days ago: UBC LipDub.

You can see me in my banana costume dancing beside another guy in a banana costume, in the background at 4:26 and in the foreground at 4:55. My sister is seen spinning glow poi in the dark room a few seconds later (well, the glow poi are visible, she’s somewhat hidden).

Check it out: