Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Today I woke up in time to take advantage of the free breakfast offered at my ghetto hostel. The breakfast wasn’t too ghetto – toast, scrambled eggs, hot dog wieners, tomato, carrots, pineapple.

After breakfast I got myself ready, loaded up on water and juice, and caught a bus to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Singapore is one of only two cities in the world (Rio de Janeiro being the other) to have within its confines primary rainforest, and it’s a damn fine rainforest if you ask me.

I spent just under four hours hiking the trails, taking innumerable photos, and sweating, sweating, sweating, drinking and drinking, drinking. I didn’t see all the creatures I had hoped to see – saw no flying lemurs, no tarapins, no frogs, and no pitcher plants (the ones that fill with water and catch bugs, also used by frogs to harbour tadpoles, which mature inside).

I was sad there were no monkeys either, until I arrived back at the entrance/exit to find hundreds of them had arrived. I started taking photos but my battery died after only 3 or 4, and having travelled all this way I decided to give in to consumerism and buy a disposable camera, with which I took 24 photos in under 5 minutes. If they turn out, I’ll scan them all in New Zealand and post a small selection.

Monkeys are cool.

I also got scared shitless by a large black snake that suddenly slithered in front of me – well it was already in front of me and slithered away in fright. It was 4-5 feet long, and about 1.5 inches in diameter, black all along it’s body. There are over 100 varieties of snake in Singapore, 28 of which live only in the Nature Reserves. A number of them are venomous.

I may be able to connect my laptop to the internet tomorrow or the next day at a friend’s house here, in which case I will do my best to upload some photos of my trip so far.

7 thoughts on “Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

  1. Hey Chris,

    The rainforest sounds incredible. I’ll probably be doing a huge massive tour of South (and maybe also Central) America after I graduate, hopefully Africa as well. But when I’ll spend time in South America, I’ll be going through Brazil and plan to travel through the rainforest…
    Thanks for helping me look for my friends, Chris. I’ll always be really thankful to you for doing this for me. I just got into contact with Pete (Kompit) and he’s fine. So that is a huge releif..
    Anyways, have a great time in Singapore, and can’t wait to see thhe photes of your trip.

    ciao y besos


    Posted by Cat

  2. amazing, absolutely amazing
    i can only start to imagine what you must be seeing

    I think i’ll go there someday haha

    take it easy 

    Posted by Stash

  3. yyyo!!the rainforest sounds pretty dope hey!! im glad your having an awesome time there. your get the fuck out of this continent partay was great btw, altho im really sad that you and joey are gone now.
    i ended up staying in biology by the way, remember i was gona drop it?? but then that was waste of tuition since there is no refund at this point, so i decided to take the chance. your still my mug leader, so i can still ask you q’s if i got any right?? hehe.
    ski trip with alphadelt was great. you prolly heard stories about it from the guys already. but all we did is party and snowboard all weekend. it was the best weekend ever!!
    hope you get to NZ safely, and keep having fun travelling! dont get hurt! loves.  

    Posted by Teresa

  4. i am looking forward to this monkey post. i told my mom you met people off the internet and now she thinks that you’re going to be molested and murdered. 

    Posted by kelly

  5. hey chris, i’m curious – what did you do to connect hte url (photodiarist) with the blogspot page

    do you actually have an ftp server on which you’re hosting? or is it just forwarding?

    i’m starting my own site and i’m trying to do it as cheaply and as simply as possible 

    Posted by nik

  6. Christopher,
    You’re wonderful! Hahahaha
    “I didn’t see all the creatures I had hoped to see – saw no flying lemurs” HAHAHAHA aww… maybe tomorrow?

    I love reading about your expeditions– reminds me of Crocodile Hunter… or have you seen MTVs jackass… wait..it’s not called Jackass, but it has the guy from Jackass in it..

    PS: Dont let Scorpions bite your ass.. I think it might hurt.

    Keep having fun Christopher!  

    Posted by Jackie

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