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I’m on Pulau Penang now, having a great time. I’ll update with a travel post later. For now…

Vote for Chris for Senate at Large in UBC’s AMS Elections. Voting is already open and closes 459pm January 21st. That’s VERY soon so go to the UBC student services centre now and cast your vote!

I am seriously running for this position, as I am overseas and therefore the best candidate for an at-large position. No one is more at-large than me, and I will remain at-large throughout most of my term as well, if elected, as I will still be overseas until Christmas.

Oh, and I don’t know if this position pays, cuz I’m out of the loop what with being on a tropical island with limited internet access, but if it does then much of that money would be directly funneled into purchasing beer. To give to you. Free.

Yeah I said it.

7 thoughts on “Vote For ME

  1. Well, you see, I’d love to… but apparently I’m not eligible to vote until after I’m admitted to the university. So, in the meantime, you’ll have to settle for my emotional support on your path to becoming a senator-at-large.

    By the way, I *really* like this new blog… simple and elegant. The middle frame doesn’t scale well at high resolutions (lots of blank space to the right of the main column, especially at 1600×1200), but that isn’t anything out of the ordinary in our 1024×768-driven world.

    As far as my address goes, you’ll find it in your gmail inbox. Unless, of course, a tropical firewall is preventing you from accessing gmail, in which case you’ll have to notify me of such so I can send it to one of your other addresses.

    Safe travels! 

    Posted by Neil

  2. Hey Chris! Consider this a published apology for not making your “Get the fuck out of here Chris” party. My sister and brother were just leaving after coming home for Christmas, so things were somewhat hectic.

    I love the new blog, and your trip sounds like a blast… speaking of blasts, if your political clout will soon be turned to supplying beer, do I get any?? 

    Posted by Alastair

  3. hey chris, I’m glad your trip is going so well hehe. I just noticed, dan’s running for senate too! very cool. I love the singapore pictures. supplying beer eh? too bad I don’t go to UBC, oh right….I hate beer! oh well, haha. love you lots! 

    Posted by lisa

  4. i haven’t voted for you yet, but i promise to try to try to remember to. obviously it was the beer line tha sold me. 

    Posted by kelly

  5. Bah. Fine, be that way. See if I care.

    Check your gmail — I think I’ve found a fix to (at least some of) your resolution scaling woes… 

    Posted by Neil

  6. hey thanks for the comment. i’ve been checking your updates, and it sounds like a very interesting time so far. hopefully the huge amoutn of sweating doesn’t kill ya :P remember the water! i’ll check back soon, when you get some internet connections again.

    cheers and beers back at ya 

    Posted by Tiera

  7. (1) Your campaign promises may need a little tweaking; the commitment to be large sounds good, but what if it gets out that you haven’t gained any weight in two years? (2) A lot of us are New Scotland traditionalists, but beers for votes, wow, that’s from the century before last, you’ve outdone us all! 

    Posted by Max

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