Soo… back in the day, I was in Bangkok. That’s where I left off, and now I’ll try to sum up the day I spent there.

I arrived at 6am, found a hotel by 8am for about $20 Canadian (a huge splurge after many $2-$5 nights) and went out on the town. The first thing I did was find a tailor who would make a suit for me. The first few wouldn’t meet my price, but I ended up finding one who agreed to make one for the equivalent of $110 Canadian, with the vest. The cheapest I got before that was $140 with no vest even.

I left the tailor and went shopping in the street stalls lining the roads all around the Khaosan Rd area and started buying clothes. Knowing my need for teeshirts, I ended up with about 8 or 9 new ones at $3 each by the end of the day at 11pm. I also had my pinstriped suit after 3 fittings (noon, 4pm, and 9pm), a belt, a pair of designer Diesel jeans, a few gifts for family that shall not be revealed online, and other great things I forget (it was 3 weeks ago afterall, my memory is sketchy).

The next day I caught a taxi to the airport and flew to Singapore. I landed in the afternoon and caught the subway to my friend’s apartment, where I had stored my luggage for a month. I spent the night at his place, and the following night, after repacking my backpack’s contents into my suitcases, I flew out of Singapore at 9pm.

The following day I landed in Auckland, New Zealand and found myself a hostel. More on that later.