Oh dear

Well, I still don’t have the net in my room. My laptop shows a connection is present but there’s some problem and I can’t actually use the internet. I really dislike the way this university has organized the internet connections on campus, as we have to set up a proxy connection and do everything through the LAN which is slow and does not permit use of programs like MSN Messenger and Soulseek. If these weren’t allowed I’d use them anyways, but they’ve set it up so that they simply won’t work. And Web Messenger is horrible… can’t use that.

This is why my blog entries have been so few and far between – I write better in my room, whereas here I am in a public lounge and I really am not as relaxed as I’d like to be. Granted, I wrote a month’s worth of entries in various internet cafes in SE Asia, but being travel updates they were simpler.

I had my first French Oral practise class today – this is the second week of classes here at the U of Otago. The TA is a French grad student and quite nice, and the other students in our section are also very chill and easy to talk to. They’ve pretty much all known each other for 2-3 years now, either from residence halls or previous French courses, so for the past couple of weeks in our regular lectures I’ve felt like a bit of an outsider. Nice to see that it won’t take as much effort as I thought to break into the groups they cemented eons ago.

I’m at the southernmost university in the world. Crazy huh? You can’t study at a university any closer to the south pole than here.