Bike trip

I’m leaving in the morning on a 3 day bike trip with my buddy Elliott. We’re really winging this one, so hopefully it turns out well as we’re fairly unprepared. We’ve got food, a tent, renting bikes, and some really undetailed maps.

We’re going to a place called the Catlins, where there is some really impressive scenery, forests, beaches, and crazy wildlife such as Hooker sea lions, elephant seals, fur seals, yellow-eyed penguins, and others.

If the conditions are good I’ll get some great photos, but it does rain an awful lot around here and in the Catlins, so that will reduce the number of times I get the camera out of it’s waterproof case.

Hopefully we return Sunday night in one piece.

3 thoughts on “Bike trip

  1. Yahoo Comments!

    what you need to add are new photos!
    I never knew you were such a good photographer
    anyway, i left you a comment on xanga :-)

    miss you lots,

  2. FINALLY!!haha, been trying to post comments, sent you msn msgs instead, haha, glad you made it there safely, email me yah?!!

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