Oy vey

I have finally got an internet connection in my bedroom in my flat. Unfortunately, it crawls at best and right now I am unable to log in to my ftp server to upload the photos I intended to put up.

If I am still unable to connect to my ftp server tomorrow I will speak with the IT staff here and figure out what to do. Until then, there will be two broken images in the left hand sidebar where two new photo galleries should be. These are the first of six; I will put the other four up within a few days, just don’t want them all to go up at once.

Now that I have a (somewhat) reliable connection, I will do my best to update this site more often and with more photos, not only in the galleries sidebar but also some snapshots of life embedded in some posts.

Finally the comments are also working fine, so let me know what you think, what you want to see more of, and what your favourite colour is while you’re at it.