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  1. hey chris! yup ive been checking your pix! they’re lookin good :) i never knew i can leave a comment at this website! hehehe. so how have you been? sounds like NZ is an awesome place… lotza nature n stuff like that that ive never seen. i really love your photos. im into photography now too. altho i havent got good pix recently. just random ones lol. yup im living in alphadelt over the summer. ill be back in van on july 10th. still up for coming to japan in june?? hehe. it’s an awesome place! and for sept til apr, i am going to be living in the panhellenic house! woohoo! ill be living with my big sis alison in phrateres! so no more stumbling back to totem at 3am next year! yay! but looking back, totem wasnt all that bad.
    it seems like its been forever since you left. cant wait to party with you again! keep updating this website, and ill do that same so we can catch up with each other. anyway, gota go! have a good one, and be careful out there!

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