No longer starving

Today I went shopping. I spent NZ$135 on food, which should last me about 3 weeks, not including bread and milk which I’ll need to buy every few days as usual. Yummmmmmy.

In other news, I think I did ok in my French Oral test this morning. It was a mock interview. 15 minutes before the interview, I picked up a sheet of paper with a biography of a fictional author, written in English. I had to learn this person and pretend to be him for the interview, which of course was in French. I got to be a 70 year old writer and managed to get the two interviewers (my language and grammar profs) to laugh quite a bit, which is usually a good thing, as it distracts them from writing down my mistakes.

And right now, I am finishing up a History essay on the king who unified Tonga in the 19th century (History of the Pacific to c. 1900) which is less boring than I would have thought. Once that is done, sleep will take me away for about 4 hours before French grammar class at 10am.

It looks as though I’m going tramping (hiking) this weekend with a couple buddies on the top of a mountain range! I can’t wait – I’m super excited to get out tramping again, and as this trek will be a lot easier and shorter than Stewart Island, I’ll be taking my camera tripod with me to try and get some crazy photos. It’ll be cold, perhaps even snowing, so hopefully we’ll manage to avoid frostbite.