A Beautiful Day

Last week I slept through my French Oral class (4 people listening). I was supposed to present with two others about beer. Luckily, my super sweet French prof gave me a chance to get a grade – by presenting to the entire class (25 people) this afternoon. One of my group members offered to present her part again to help me out, and when we were done our speaking, we began the beer tasting. We first showed the students how to properly taste beer, using Stella Artois (a Belgian beer with a francophone name) and this handout I prepared:

The class was quite amused by the vocal and facial expressions that Nadia and I made while explaining each step. We then started the second beer, Kronenbourg 1664 (a French beer with a German-influenced name). We then finished off with Hoegaarden (a Belgian wheat/white beer).

I had to leave immediately after finishing the presentation, to listen to a speech by my Politics of Islam prof, Dr. Najibullah Lafraie so I closed the presentation and walked straight out the door. As I did so, the class burst out in applause (obviously from the free beer, not the presentation itself).

I ran to another building for the speech and had to sit in the stairs as the seats were all taken (this was 20 minutes into the speech). At the end, a close friend of mine told me that the prof had asked at the start of his speech whether I was in the crowd. I intercepted him a few minutes after his speech a few buildings over, as I had bumped into him several times previously in the elevator of a building and decided it was a good bet. Indeed, I got there just as he was walking into the elevator.

Turned out he had my Canadian passport. It fell out of my pocket this morning in class and someone had found it and given it to him – I didn’t even know I had lost it! What luck – I would have had to pay another $20 for a visa to Australia on my UK passport, and then used that to travel there in a few weeks and pretend to be a tourist entering New Zealand on my return, as my Student Visa is in my Canadian passport.

After arriving home, one of my flatmates, Prashna, and I decided to go play some pool in our hall’s rec room. After a couple games, Alex and Julian came down and challenged us to a teams game. The winning team of a best-of-five series would win a case of 12 beer from the losing team. We won by a hair on the 5th game by sheer luck.

Today has been a great day.