New photos up

Just a quick note – there is a new photo gallery up in the left sidebar. Just 8 pics I took in Wellington on my third day in New Zealand, but I had been meaning to put them up for a long time.

Denez Prigent makes for great listening while doing computer work.

4pm tomorrow is my last class of the first semester in New Zealand. After that, I have 9 days to study for my History of the Pacific exam and 4 days after that to finish studying for my Politics of Islam exam. No French exam this semester, as it’s a full year course.

17 days til Marcus and I land in Brisbane.

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  1. lisa June 1, 2005 at 14:27 #

    hey chris, whats up?
    jw, where are the 67 P(I believe) photos you posted?

    love you, lis

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