Exams exams exams

Well, exam #1 is done and over with. After 3 straight days and nights of studying History 208: “Pacific Islands to c. 1900,” I went in at 930am and wrote the exam in the microbiology lab, with buckets marked “toxic waste” beside me. Seriously. At least it didn’t smell, and they let us use the bathroom, as it was a 3 hour exam and I had a lot of coca cola in my body. I think it went well – if I get 71 or more on the exam then I’m happy with the term mark I’ll get.

Now I have 4 days and nights to study for my Politics 232: “Islam and the Challenge of Terrorism” exam which is on Thursday at 930am in the gymnasium (177 people in the class). It’s a super interesting course in my opinion, and our prof is very knowledgeable. He’s also got a really intriguing past, as he was involved in the anti-Soviet resistance in Afghanistan in the 80s, and was Foreign Minister of Afghanistan from 1992-96. Next semester, he’ll be my prof for Politics 304: “Peacekeeping.” Nifty.

No exam for French 331: “Advanced French 1,” as it’s a full year course.

6 days until Marcus and I leave frosty Dunedin for sunny Brisbane, Australia!