caffeine chills and vitamin pills

On Tuesday, I went to sleep at 5am, a common routine lately. I only had two exams, but had to study super duper hardcore to get the marks I wanted, and had been spending a minimum of 10 hours a day in the study room a few flats away beside the laundry room.

I woke up at 11am when my alarm went off, but decided to doze some more.

I next awoke at 9pm, after 16 hours of sleep.

At 11 I went to the study room, where I found Elliott, one of my study partners, who had just woken up after 14 hours of sleep.

I spent the following 20 hours studying, took a 3 hour nap yesterday afternoon, then after eating spent the next 11 hours studying. The exam was at 930 this morning and I was happy with it.

So now I’m all cracked out after drinking lots of coke (well, last night I only drank 1 litre) and going without sleep for so long. At least the stress levels are down a fair amount (not that they were particularly high to begin with), and all I have to worry about is packing my backpack for tomorrow’s departure to Brisbane, Australia.

In other news, a big congragutalations to my 14 year old baby sister Lisa, who survived the last cut for St.Pat’s Chamber Choir. If her personal meeting with the choir director, the famed Tony Araujo, goes well then she’ll be in. The St.Pat’s Chamber Choir regularly performs at a level unequalled by other high school choral ensembles, and indeed by most professional choirs. I’m not sure about these last two years, but when I was in the Concert Choir, the Chamber Choir rated as the top choir at the MusicFest Canada in Ottawa, and was placed in the top 8 at the US Festival of Gold in Salt Lake City (supposedly choir capital of the world, though perhaps also bribery capital, as the Olympics selection process doesn’t seem to be the only thing they rig – ever see a run-of-the-mill CHILDREN’S choir even compete, let alone rank higher, than a world class chamber choir? I have).

Anywho, one of the highlights of my spring is usually getting the opportunity to go to the Chan Centre at UBC and listen to the amazing talent that St.Pat’s produces every year. This was the first year I missed it since 2000.

Off to get my laundry – I got around to washing clothes for the first time in 3 weeks. No more Commando Joe!