I’ve finally found a place to upload photos from my USB flashdrive, so this post from 2 weeks ago now has 12 photos – check em out.

Marcus and I arrived in Brisbane Saturday morning after our flight.

Joey met us at the airport and brought us via trains and a bus to Union College, her residence at the University of Queensland. We went to sleep pretty soon and woke up in the evening, in time to go downtown with Joey and her friends.

Sunday, Marcus and I spent a few hours walking around downtown after taking the CityCat ferry down the river from the University to downtown.

We ended up spending nearly 2 hours in the museum – really neat, though disorganised, place.

Monday (yesterday), we spent the day doing pretty much nothing, and in the evening decided to leave for Surfer’s Paradise. We caught a bus and a train then another bus, found a cheap hostel which turned out to be a somewhat delapidated hotel, and went to sleep. Here are a couple viewshots from our window.

This morning we tried finding a bus to Lamington National Park, but found out that only package tours were availabe – so we rented a car and drove off.

A bit over an hour later, we were at the park and had a map from the nice people at the information office.

We spent just over 4 hours walking the trails before driving back to Surfer’s to return the car, catching a bus, two trains, and another bus back to the residence to stay in Ron’s room again for free (he’s gone until tomorrow, visiting his cousin in Hervey Bay).

On our day hike, we saw a few animals… not many, but I should mention them. First, as we drove to the parking lot, I noticed a strangely snake-like stick on the road, which turned out to be in fact a very very large snake. Marcus stopped the car, I got my good camera out, and I got out of the car and got a bit closer for a few photos.

A local later told us from our description that it was probably a carpet snake, a type that isn’t venomous but swallows things whole. It was about 4-5 feet long, 2-3 inches around, and green and yellow in colour.

A few minutes into the hike we saw the only other animal of the day – a family of about 5 or 6 pandemelons (don’t ask me how to pronounce it – sounds like food to me). Pandemelons are a type of marsupial (mammals with the pouch for their young, like Kangaroos) which look like a cross between a kangaroo and a mouse to me. Cute little things about 1.5 feet tall, with a couple young ones they were protecting. They were quite shy and bounded along like a kangaroo (I imagine – having never seen kangaroos except on TV and at the zoo one time) across the path and into the rainforest.

The University of Queensland is pretty nice, with a lot of sandstone buildings.

To be continued…