Our Fraser Island Adventure

We spent a night in a hostel in Hervey Bay, and the next day I got an email from my friend Amanda (we spent our first year of uni in England together) – she had already left Hervey Bay for Fraser Island that day. We went to her hostel and booked our trip to Fraser Island for the following morning.

In the morning, we met up with 8 other people, got our 4×4 rental vehicle (conventional vehicles can’t handle the tracks on the island, and there is about 100m of paved road on the entire island), and set off for the barge to Fraser Island.

The beach was the smoothest part of our driving, and the speed limit there was 80 km/h so it was quite interesting. We even saw some humpback whale tails and blowhole sprays while we drove along.

There was a cool shipwreck, the Maheno, a WWI hospital boat, washed ashore in 1935 in a cyclone while being towed to Japan for scrap.

These were some cool birds. Cool.

We made fun of a guy who bragged about his past 4×4 driving, and in this pic he was stuck in the sand.

Phil, from the UK. In the group shot his face is blocked, so he gets his own special shot.

The beach as seen from Indian Head. Scenic.

Our group left to right, back row: Kevin (Winnipeg), Andy (Glasgow, Scotland), Phil (near London, UK), Cherie (Leeds, UK), Marcus (Munster, Germany – my flatmate), Eddie (Leeds, UK)

Front row: Ruth (Glasgow, Scotland), Jemma (Leeds, UK), Ria (Leeds, UK). I am clearly not pictured. Clearly.

Ruth and Andy never seem to get bored with each other.

Ooh… artsy fartsyness. The sand at this beach was crazily white. Much whiter than my pasty skin. Some people washed their jewellery in the wet sand – the sand made the jewellery shiny again.

It was a fun three day trip and after 4 hours of sleep back in Hervey Bay on Monday night, Marcus and I left on a bus headed south for Byron Bay to meet up with a big group of friends.

To be continued…