Blue Mountains and back to Sydney

The next day, Ian left in the morning to Sydney to meet up with his parents. The rest of us set off to do a different walk, again only a short 2-3 hour walk. Another beautiful day, with crisp mountain air (it’s the middle of winter here in Australia), we really enjoyed it. Here are a few pics:

Marcus, Jos, Me, Todd. Photo by Ron.

After a good walk and a lot of much needed sunshine, we picked up our bags from storage at the YHA hostel and headed for the train station to get back to Sydney. The ride was one of the worst train rides of my life, and I’ve been on a LOT of trains. The reason: a pack of about 15 children, about 10 years old I’d say, were being as loud as they could, jumping around, up and down the stairs (we were on a 2 level train) and generally running amuck. I don’t mind hyperactive kids at all, even on a train ride, but the nature of their actions and a vocabulary more suited to 18A movies combined to annoy the heck out of me. Having lost my mp3 player a couple days before (it will sadly never be found), I had no music to drown out their incessant screams, bickering, insults to each other, and constant “ewwww… they’re kisssssing!!!! you’re gonna get MARRIED!!!!” I nearly went up to the adults supervising them to tell them to control their children like proper parents/chaperones, but decided against it. Enough about that.

Ron and Todd riding along, with my reflection in their window.

Marcus shields his eyes from the late afternoon sun.

We booked into the same hostel as before, the Funk House. This is a photo Ron took of the door to our room that night.

Some mischievous “unnamed” resident decided crutches make for nice home decor.

To be continued…