The Grampians National Park

On the 12th, we left Warrnambool for the Grampians National Park. We stopped on our way out, of course, at the Adventure Playground again, and spent another half hour or so there. We then stopped at Tower Hill, a nature reserve where lots of animals live. We saw four koalas in trees, two huge emus in a parking lot (essentially the same size as an ostrich), and a wallaby and baby wallaby on the rim of the crater of an extinct volcano.

Jos was so excited she started floating.

For lunch, we stopped at a random little town called Penshurst. We tried visiting the Volcano Discovery Centre so that we could discover some volcanoes, but it’s only open 3 days a week it turns out. We ate and played on the local playground, which can’t even compare to the Adventure Playground, but does boast a nifty four person teeter totter contraption which kept our attention for some time.

(Pic by Ron with his camera using timer)

We arrived in Halls Gap, the little ‘town’ in the middle of the Grampians, around 3 or so in the afternoon. Ron and I decided to go for a walk and chose one we estimated would take about an hour max. Marcus went for a jog on a different trail and took the map to keep from getting lost. We followed bad signs and did get lost. Well, sort of. We somehow ended up on a highway, and after ten minutes walking uphill on the road I heard some coughing. We followed that sound, began making our way through the bushes like jungle men, then happened upon a real trail. We ended up on different trails and eventually got back to the parking lot where we left Beatrice. There were kangaroos all over the place, and one had a joey in its pouch so we took photos. I got up to about 5-6 feet away and got a few shots with the little point-and-shoot camera I had in my pocket. Cute eh?

We slept well that evening on really nice beds in a warm bunkhouse at a great backpackers called Tim’s Place.

To be continued…