Toroa Masquerade Ball 2005

The night of the 30th was Toroa’s Masquerade Ball. I was asked to be MC, which means I got to tell people when to get food and when to be quiet for short uninteresting speeches. Apparently I was good at this from a few compliments I received – looks like I’m well suited to a job in middle management. yay.

The evening was the standard ball fare: talk, eat, talk, dessert, photos, dancing, leave. It was a fun night and the food was quite good for once, though we did pay 7 times more for this ball than last one ($35 vs $5) so we deserved better food.

Here are a few pics from the evening:

Our table at dinner. From left to right: Sam, me, Elliott, Marcus, Anna, Margo, Prashna, Erin

Tyler, a post grad student and viticulture expert, discusses the subtle hint of oak taste in the house wine.

Prashna discovers a long white hair in her food.

Jeff, Esperanza, and Tom pose with Tom’s new portable PocketGarden™

Mae showcases our dessert options. Sugar-induced hyperactivity ensued.

This is Jeff’s normal expression.

Manly men asserting our manliness.

Mae and Blanca, our resident ornithologists, used feathers from their collection of taxidermied birds to make these masks by hand.