My first half marathon

So, I watched my first half marathon yesterday morning. I wouldn’t even consider running one, so for me this fills my fitness quota for the month.

Yesterday morning, I woke up bright and early at 9-ish AM. After breakfast, myself, Vania, and Tom got into his car, and Marcos, Egbert, and Jeff got into theirs and we drove off to find Anna (Tom’s sister, Vania’s flatmate) and her dad. Them two were running the half marathon to Port Chalmers, and we went to support them. Sure enough we found them running along the coast and stopped to take a pic as they ran by.

Then we drove to near the finish line, where there was space in the New World (supermarket) parking lot for us. There’s a loop in the course there, so we waited about 20 minutes or so there until they came by, but before that we saw Mark, the Toroa maintenance/gardening/administration dude, run by.

After that, we walked a couple blocks to the finish line and waited another 30 mins or so for them to cross the finish line.

Mark came running by around the 2 hour mark

Then at the 2:24 mark, Anna and her dad came round.

We convinced Anna to allow me to take a pic of her with Vania.

And of course, Anna’s dad asked for a photo with his daughter – who wouldn’t?

And Tom wanted to share in the glory too…

All in all it was a good morning. Tom, Anna, and their dad went their own way to spend some family time together, and Vania and I jumped into the guys’ car.

It took us about 20 mins to move one block in traffic after returning to the cars, but the nice weather and good company, as well as Marcos’s interesting renditions of several songs and the possibility of Jeff eating an ancient mouldy crusty pickle from a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder made the drive home quite pleasant really (Jeff didn’t end up eating the pickle, to my chagrin).