Ink Art

On the 23rd, three of us went to the tattoo parlour. One of us got a tattoo. It wasn’t me, and it wasn’t Anna. That leaves Vania.

Anna drove us to Dig A Tattoo, where Vania had an appointment for 330pm.

The dude printed out a copy of her tattoo and went into his ‘office’ to prepare a stencil (it’s really an ink transfer… sort of like a temporary tattoo to guide the tattoo man’s needle).

After some waiting, the three of us went in to the room. First Mr Tattoo guy cleaned the foot.

Then he applied the stencil thing.

Then he set up his ink needle.

Then he started tracing those lines very, very carefully.

Anna spent the first half hour holding Vania’s hand, and I took the second shift. Turns out I got the worse half of the deal, as the tattoo became more painful toward the end. I tried taking a photo of my hand with the white marks where it was being squeezed, but it didn’t turn out.

The finished product:

7 thoughts on “Ink Art

  1. coolee
    would you ever get a tattoo, chris?
    I see your eyebrow piercings are still in tact.

    p.s. I love proving to your blog that I’m not a robot, I am a human! Wow! How ’bout that!

  2. I definitely want a tattoo, but until I’m 150% sure of what I want and where, I’m not going to get one. But when I do, I’ll definitely take pics of the process and put em online for all to see.

    I like the strange words Blogger comes up with for proving you’re not a robot – what if some of them are actually real words and we just don’t know it? I have to type ‘zfeam’

  3. V, you may or may not have noticed the complement you got from Tiera. She said you’re pretty. Therefore it is a good photo.

    My uber spectacular photo judging skillz are the bomb.

  4. hellooooo bro,
    tell vania her tattoo’s AWESOME and that a friend of mine says her foot is nice. I miss ya Chris. Soon we should start talking about Southeast Asia…. ok that’s it for now. LOVE JOS

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