Avian cohabitation

So I’m chilling in my living room, reading the newspaper after my lunch of Mi Goreng instant noodles, and I notice I have company.

There’s a bird just chilling on the floor, hopping about looking for food I guess. I dunno the name of this type of bird but there are tons of them around here and they don’t do too much flying – mainly hopping about and walking.

Anyways, so I open the balcony door for him to fly out and I try and encourage him but he isn’t the brightest feathered friend. He flies into the windows three times, despite the fact that the door right beside them is open. I should add that our windows are not transparent… there’s a permanent film of dirt on them since none of us can be bothered to wash them.

Well anywho, after the third collision the bird took a break for a minute to regain his composure and then hopped around some more, finally realising that the door was open and as he stood on the doorstep I ran at him from behind and he flew out and away.

He took a dump on one of our three couches, but it was on the back of the top… or the top of the back… however you like to call it, the backside of the part you lean on, near the top, because he was standing on the top at the time.

I’m not telling my flatmates about that part. He. He. He.