Vancouver wins again

Over the years, Vancouver has placed at the top of several rankings of best city in the world to live in. Looks like this year is one of those years:,3604,1584864,00.html

0 thoughts on “Vancouver wins again

  1. wow, 3 aussie cities in the top 6 but we get #1…so why are we not there again?? lol either way i like the sounds of that. and cheers for the tip on spammers, will get on that asap. i really didn’t think anyone i know needs a penis enlargement. and if they do, i don’t want to hear aboot it.

  2. go vancouver! and hey? isn’t it kinda funny how karachi (where I believe some of our uncles were born..) is the 4th worst place to live now? kinda sad…

    love you lots! and hey–I was trying to get into the mindframe of a murderer/psychopath

  3. Yeah, uncles Jim, Raymund, and David were all born in Karachi. It used to be a really nice place, but was not left in a good state by the British when they pulled out and Pakistan and India split up. The country is not been run well since then, and massive population growth in the last 50 years has made everything even worse. Karachi is now a very dangerous city, sadly.

    I’ll be going to Phnom Penh (pronounced nawm pen) in just over a month, and it’s in the bottom 10 as well!

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