Well, I finally found something to blog about – incense. Not the sense of anger and astonishment, but the smokey, smelly stuff.

When I was in Chiang Mai, in Northern Thailand, I bought a cool incense burner. Ian got one too. They’re dragons wrapped around wood, and they’re really nifty.

I take an incense stick (or three in this case, since I wanted to make more smoke for better photos) and stick it in the base. when we bought our incense burners, the guy selling them on the sidewalk at the nightmarket took a hammer and nail and poked a hole in the base for holding the incense sticks. I make my own with my Swiss army knife.

Then I light the tip of the incense stick and if it doesn’t put itself out, blow the little flame out once the incense is glowing orange and starts smoking. After that, I carefully lower the dragon onto the base, and the smoke starts coming out his mouth.

When the incense stick is done burning, which might take between 5-20 minutes depending on the type of incense stick, it looks like these:

Isn’t it cool how the smoke comes out the dragon’s mouth?

Is it just me, or do you also see the figure of a lady looking to the left in this smoke?

The reason I just started burning incense in my room (not too frequently mind you, I don’t want to smell like a hippie) is that until a week or so ago I thought the smoke alarm would be set off, as our flat handbooks say that incense will set them off. Turns out they aren’t sensitive at all to smoke, even cigarette smoke, but according to some residents in these flats hairspray WILL set them off. I’m glad it’s only a 10 foot drop from my window if a raging fire blocks my doorway and the smoke alarms don’t go off to warn me!