University Student Antics, Part the First

On the 14th, we had our end of year dinner for residents of Toroa Int’l House, at Etrusco’s restaurant a few kilometres down the main street here in Dunedin. It was a good meal, though a bit light on meat, and a nice restaurant in general.

Unfortunately I only have three not-so-good photos of the night, so I won’t bother putting any pics up until/unless I get some of the good ones that other people shot.

However, last week was not entirely uneventful. Marcus’s parents came to Dunedin from Germany for a visit, so Prashna and I decided to have a little fun. While Marcus was out with his parents, before they had visited our flat, we spent half an hour shuttling back and forth from his room to Sigrid’s old room (vacant this semester), moving all his stuff to her old room, and arranging it all in the EXACT same positions, guided by photos I took before we started.

Marcus and his parents arrived at our flat literally 30 seconds after Prash and I had finished the last touches on his room. Marcus’s father, Mr Aengenheister, was carrying a promising case of beer under his arm.

After some introductions and a bit of smalltalk, Marcus took them upstairs to see his room. Of course, as soon as he opened his door, all they saw was an empty room. We had also set the bed on its end with the sheets all made. It took him until he returned downstairs to figure out where his room had moved to.

His dad seemed to appreciate the humour, and gave Prashna and I each a beer for our effort :-)

Not long afterwards, we set out to pull off a different prank on a different German. More on that in two days’ time…