University Student Antics, Part the Second

I said I would explain the other prank on the other German in two days’ time, and it’s been 5 days, but I spent 9 hours in the library yesterday and 8.5 hours there today, so I feel I have ample justification for my inability to fulfill my promise.

Righto, so here’s the prank:

Prashna and I decided to fill Julian’s room with newspaper. And when I say fill, I meant fill. Turns out Prash thought I meant cover the floor. I meant FILL. Julian was out tramping on the Kepler track, and was schedule to return from his three day trip around 8pm.

We started at about 5pm by going around to different flats collecting newspapers, and having accumulated a fair volume of neatly stacked papers, we set to work in Julian’s room. This is what it looked like before we got moving:

After about an hour’s work, and with sudden-onset crumpling-induced acute carpel tunnel syndrome slowing my production pace, we had filled about a third of the room’s volume with balled up newspaper.

We also grabbed a CD with an annoying German children’s song, Schnappi the Baby Crocodile, and put it on repeat under all the newspaper at the halfway point, so that Julian would have to listen to it until he had emptied his room of the paper.

As you can see, we were getting closer and closer to our goal as the minutes ticked by.

Mae kindly took a photo from outside, showing the view of Julian’s window:

Suddenly, just after 8pm, with about half an hour’s work left to go, Julian showed up. We evacuated his room before he could see us, and I got this pic of my hands in Elliott’s room.

Julian was not particularly surprised, as he had seen the newspaper in the window from outside, but he enjoyed the prank nonetheless, and proceeded to jump around like a hyperactive toddler for some time.

I played with my face like a hyperactive toddler for some time, and ended up with a newspaper-print war mask.

As for the 2.5 hours worth of crumpled newspaper, what did Julian do with it? Why, he moved it all into Tyler’s room next door, timing the entire process at just 16 minutes.

Tyler arrived home a few days later and duly moved all the newspaper to the front entry, essentially making the front door inaccessible at best.

And now, more studyhing and 7 hours sleep awaits me. Tomorrow morning I must once again arrive at the library before 8am opening time, and sprint in the Great Library Race to get a seat when the doors slide open.


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