Singapore to Thailand

I flew to Singapore from Auckland on the 18th aboard a Boeing 747. Big plane.

A few days later Jos, Ron, and Ian arrived with looooads of luggage at the airport. I met them there as a surprise along with three of my Singaporean friends, NC, Azri, and George. Between the seven of us, we were able to take all the luggage fairly easily back to our hostel on the MRT (high-tech subway) which was cheaper and more cultural than a cab ride.

Our hostel was in Little India, which is a super nice place in my opinion. Good samosas there too.

The hostel we stayed at is called the InnCrowd Backpackers 2 and it’s a pretty cool place. It even has a little bar, where we relaxed with some Tiger beer.

On the 21st, we caught the MRT to the airport.

We checked our luggage in at Bangkok Airways, and I couldn’t find my Canadian passport.

I decided I would just travel on my British passport instead, as I couldn’t for the life of me think of where my Canadian passport was. Singapore Customs officials were not so happy about that, as I had entered the country on my Canadian passport.

Well, I had to go with this lady to a different desk and then yet another desk and the head dude there wasn’t too happy to see me. I explained to him that my Canadian passport was in my checked baggage.

He put my name into the system to find the record of my entry into Singapore three days earlier, and told me my name was not listed. He insisted that I did not enter the country under that name, but I showed him my flight itinerary printout and gave him the info from my Canadian passport. I even know the date it was issued and when it expires, the number, the name, and all the other info on it, all off by heart. The system still didn’t find anything, but he finally just decided to stamp my UK passport and let me leave.

While I was waiting at his desk I noticed a group of six middle aged Asian men standing nearby, all in handcuffs. Each one had a label that said 2100h and some numbers. Turns out they were being deported, not sure what for. They didn’t look too happy, and a couple of them were definitely more than a little worried.

So I walked super fast to the departure gate. Lucky for me, almost the entire length of my walk was aided by moving sidewalks. I love those things.

Our flight was an hour and a half and we landed in Koh Samui around 9pm. We got some lady to drive us to a set of beachside bungalows we had read about, and on the way I talked to a German lady and her French boyfriend who decided to stay at the same bungalows rather than the one they were planning to go to. Nice places, a bit expensive at $4 a person per night, but we did have our own toilet and shower. We brushed our teeth and went to bed.