Halong Bay boat trip

First off, the video link I put in a previous post was wrong, I put it in as if it was an image. So if you want to see a short (6 MB) vid of what the traffic was like, watch this video.

Ron took this short vid of one of the less crazy intersections. To view it, please RIGHT CLICK on the link below, and save the file to your computer by choosing the “Save Target As” option in IE, or the “Save Link As” option in Firefox. You need QuickTime media player to open it (most people already have this program but you can download it free online… just google “quicktime”).


Well, after our day trip to the Perfume Pagoda we decided to take a two day trip to Halong Bay. We got up at the crack of dawn (well, about 8am) and got a 2 hour minibus to Halong City, then climbed over several boats to get to the one we would be travelling on.

The boats were pretty cool, with deck chairs and nice inside eating area.

There were some boats and stuff, like water, around…

The Vietnam flag is EVERYWHERE in Vietnam… definitely a very patriotic country. And of course, it was on every boat.

Jos and Holly kept begging me to take photos of them, and I finally gave in.

Ron felt left out so I took a pic of him drinking water very slowly.

Holly wanted to show her friends in cold Alberta that she was having fun in the sun, so I took another pic of the girls. Ron again became jealous.

We also visited a cave, which was big and cool, but too touristy. That is, it was all full of cement steps and lights and garbage cans and signs everywhere. But it was still cool enough.

Then I took another boat photo. There were lots of boats and waters around. And islands. Lots of islands.

And then I took ANOTHER scenery shot… hmm.

The garbage can in our hotel was pretty cool. Read what it says. I thought it was nifty.

OK, so I said in the last post that this one would be less dry, but I guess I lied… I’ll try harder next time!

2 thoughts on “Halong Bay boat trip

  1. now that you’ve been in both cambodia and vietnam–I think you should change your “coutries I hope to visit soon” list hehe

    I can’t wait for you to come home! just one more week!

    again–am I allowed to come to your get the fuck home party or…?

  2. “ron took his shorts off at one of the less crazy intersections”. right… next time i will read a bit slower and i will actually try to read the words written and not make up something on my own…

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