Saigon to Bangkok (finally)

Merry Christmas and Happy Credit Card Day!

Ok, so it’s been a LONG time since the last update. The reason is simple: the last week of our backpacking trip was CRAZY busy and I just didn’t have time to post anything useful, so I posted nothing at all. However, I will TRY to post some stuff now, even though I’m still crazily busy with holiday stuff, family, and socializing, not to mention preparing for the start of classes January 4th!

Last entry was about Saigon, and so is this one! With a bit of Bangkok for flair. I’ll keep it brief and just let you look at pics.

On the morning of the 7th, we headed to the War Remnants Museum and saw about a gazillion photos and a few artefacts from the Vietnam War (they call it the American War), including a solid collection of US tanks, planes, and artillery, all donated by the US Government since Vietnam and the US reopened diplomatic and trade relations.

This person was a victim of white phosphor powder used by the US forces. Napalm wounds were really disgusting as well.

A lot of babies have been born since the war, with deformities caused by the Agent Orange defoliant sprayed by the US forces . A fair few American vets and their children have been affected as well.

In the evening we met up with Holly’s father’s work associates again. The sun was just going down as we approached their office.

They took us on their motorcycles to a local restaurant way out of the centre of town, and once again chose our dishes for us. It was GREAT!

Afterwards, we rode to a sort of fairgrounds area with all sorts of statues and stuff, and walked around there for a long time. I spotted this little toad trying to run away.

This dragon is made entirely of chinaware, and there were a whole lot of different other statues made the same way. Nifty.

These are ants. Long thought they were cool. I agreed.

And a girls-only photo:

Ron kindly took a pic when we stopped for a second, so I could remember our motorcycle ride.

The next morning we flew back to Bangkok, on Vietnam Airlines.

After we arrived, we unloaded our stuff in a hotel room and went to get suits made. I got mine made in January, but Holly, Jos, and Ron were buying.

To be continued… hopefully within 1-2 days.