Roméo Dallaire on Foreign Policy

On the 8th, I went with my good buddy Phil to the Watermark Restaurant at Kits Beach to see Senator Roméo Dallaire (commander of the UN mission to Rwanda during the 1994 genocide) and Hon. Stephen Owen (MP for Vancouver Quadra) discuss Canada’s place in the world.

It was a very interesting discussion. Essentially, Sen. Dallaire believes that Canada can and should take a much stronger position in international affairs than it currently does. That is he believes, as a country, we are much less involved in helping other countries than we should be.

I’ll not bother trying to explain this, because I’d take about 10,000 words trying to explain what Dallaire and Owen said. However, I would encourage anyone to listen to Sen. Dallaire speak if you get the chance. He’s coming to UBC in March, and I may well go to that.

During the discussion, a cameraman/interviewer came and spoke with one of the organisers and arranged to hold a quick interview outside the restaurant immediately after the discussion. Sen. Dallaire seemed quite willing, despite having to be on a plane to Victoria at noon.

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  1. glad you enjoyed the photo albums! did you see the ones from jenn’s birthday? ahhh yes, johnny and jenn. if i could put videos on my site i would.

    that first pic looks scary. what’s the stuff coming out of his mouth? even the guy in the background looks scared… haha jk. your new year’s adventures… nels “save” is hillarious!

    what else have you been up to besides travelling all over!

    ps. mr. grout still teach at stp?

  2. hey i’d love to check out one of Sen. Dallaire’s talks. keep me posted about the March one. i might just tag along. ;)

    as for any upcoming plays, sadly i’m on hiatus for now because i’m currently in search of a 2nd job. i plan on going to school full-time this September so i need to ensure that i’ve got enough cashflow to live off of. but then again, who knows? you’ll definitely be one of the first to know if i’m in any new productions. after all, you did say you’d come to watch right? :)

    by the way, new year’s sounded über fun. can’t believe i missed out!

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