2 weeks in photos.

To put it very bluntly, I have no time to write blog entries right now. I’ve got TONNES of work to do, and not nearly enough time. And, since the stuff I would post wouldn’t be particularly interesting anyways, I’ll just post two weeks’ worth of photos here with VERY brief descriptions. If you actually find something interesting, feel free to leave a comment and I can tell you allll about it.

I volunteered at the UBC Model United Nations. This is the North Atlantic Council (NATO council) meeting, for which I was the page.

We went to the Model UN team fundraiser for their trip to the MUN in San Francisco. It was at the Buffalo Club, lots of fun. Lisa, the girl on stage, was one of the students I led around campus for 3 days as a GALA Int’l Students Orientation leader in 2004.

Vania visited for a week, on her way from Sweden back to New Zealand, so we went downtown and to the beach at English Bay.

On Vania’s last night here, we went to see Denise’s band Music Machene play at the Picadilly Pub downtown. Unfortunately, with a few songs left in the set, the fire alarm went off and water started dripping from the ceiling so we had to leave. A small fire on the 4th floor was easily contained but the venue was closed for the night.

Vania and I went to visit my Granny for lunch one day, so Vania bought Granny a pot of flowers. On our way to the airport a couple of days later, we stopped at Gran’s for Vania to say goodbye.

Vania and Dennis44, a friend of Josephine’s [ http://josephinestheory.blogspot.com/ ] and Ron’s [ http://radron.blogspot.com/ ] from Australia happened to be on the same flight as far as Fiji, so we got them seats together and off they went!