In the News

I read some good news online today for a change. It’s tiring sometimes to read only of the car crashes and murders. Click on one of the three links below to read the short articles.

–> The company producing a new AIDS drug is allowing generic (more affordable) versions to be made in India and South Africa, something some companies have tried to refuse doing <-- –> A little heart-warming story about the little changes that are so important in slowly bringing India and Pakistan closer together <-- –> India and Pakistan restore rail link cut in 1965 Second Kashmir War <-- As my Politics of Mass Media prof once mentioned, the news usually reports the strange things that happen, the events that break the normal rules of life. When someone crosses the street safely, it isn’t news. It becomes news when he or she is hit by a car. Sometimes, though, there are positive news events and it’s good to keep those in mind to avoid thinking the world is falling apart. It may be falling apart, but at the moment the sheer volume of information that would be needed to carry out empirical research to prove it is simply too great.