I nearly forgot about this post. I planned to put these photos up a long time ago, but because I was so busy it slipped my mind. I only remembered because I’m working on a policy paper worth 50% of my grade. As such, I am bound by the laws of procrastination to remember absolutely every single thing that needs to be done, other than the task at hand. So, without further ado, I give you Impersonations and Other Poses, starring Ron Boaz in his second feature modelling show, with guest star Holly Brattberg.

2 thoughts on “Impersonations

  1. Ron sent me here, that’s awesome man. Got a sweet ass page here. see you sunday


  2. jealous eh? haha jk. well, i’m sick so, no adventures for now! :( what else you been up to? i like your spiffy 48 storey shirt and “darth vader” experience… haha were the firefighters hot? maybe i should ask jo instead! well, take care maybe we’ll all get together sometime. ps. the medicine cabinet still in business? =)

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