It just isn’t the same…

I’m sorry, but Pepsi is no match for Coca-Cola.

Several days ago, I ran out of Coke. Coke has, to the detriment of my health, become a regular contributor to my sanity. Without caffeine, the high stress days turn into get-nothing-done days of misery. Coffee, a potential substitute for Coke, upsets my stomach and makes my hyper. Coke does neither of these; it helps me focus and stay awake.

As I said, several days ago, I ran out of Coke. I travelled beyond the horizon to London Drugs, my favourite department store and perennial supplier of Coke. The problem: they had no more 6 x 710ml Coke packs. They had 6-packs of Diet Coke, but Diet Coke tastes bad and is filled with evil Aspartame (not that I’m actually worried about Aspartame).

It was with a heavy heart that I was forced to pull a 6 x 710ml Pepsi pack off the shelf and not only take it home, but PAY for it too! Well, Pepsi has slightly more caffeine than Coke, but it just lacks the same great taste. It’s that simple.

London Drugs has just advertised $2.99 for 6 x 710ml packs of Coke. Time to go on a mission.

3 thoughts on “It just isn’t the same…

  1. Alack, alack. My condolences on the pepsi deal.

    Had a chuckle at the pics – compliments to Ron on his excellent posing and the castle…well that’s just swell! I must say, for a new President, he’s sure got a lot of mess on the desk already.

  2. Agree wit you 100%, I need my fix of Coke everyday, Diet Coke or Pepsi just don’t cut it……I like the C² though, ever tried it?

  3. I’m actually unable to drink C² It just doesn’t taste right, even though they say it tastes the same. I can taste a difference…

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